• Research and Evaluation

Research & Evaluation

The Florida Institute for Child Welfare supports the development of translational research projects that contribute to the scientific knowledge base related to child safety, permanency, and child and family well-being. The Florida Institute for Child Welfare publishes reports, research briefs, presentations, and journal article summaries derived from projects funded by the Institute. Funding ranges from year-long pilot projects to multi-year projects that address research priority areas. Multi-year projects include The Florida Study of Professionals for Safe Families which addresses problems with workforce retention and Enhancing Parental Behavioral Health Services Integration in Child Welfare that approaches to fill identified gaps in the need for behavioral health services integration in child welfare.

In 2014, the Results-Oriented Accountability Program (ROAP or ROA) was set forth in s. 409.997 Florida Statutes, enacted by Chapter 2014-161, Laws of Florida. The Florida Institute for Child Welfare serves in both advisory and service provision capacities due to its role in conducting research, providing ROAP evaluation services and through support of various initiatives intended to improve the child welfare system.

The Institute can now engage in contracts to conduct evaluations and provide technical assistance. Please contact Dr. Pryce for more details.