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Children’s Home Society (CHS), in collaboration with the Microsoft Corporation, developed CaseAIM™ in response to calls for enhanced worker support and programmatic changes to address staffing challenges and improve worker effectiveness. According to CHS administrators, case workers spend 75 percent of their time completing administrative tasks; therefore, the central aim of the CaseAIM program is to increase case managers’ direct contact with caregivers and their children by providing support for administrative tasks.

In 2018, the Institute completed a mixed-methods evaluation of CaseAIM. The evaluators concluded that, while CaseAIM is a promising model of organizational support for case managers, further evaluation is needed to determine CaseAIM’s impact on outcomes for children, families, and case managers. Following some changes to CaseAIM implementation, CHS leadership requested a new evaluation of the model.

A graphical representation showing 75% of time being spent on Administrative tasks, then CaseAIM allosing the Case Managers to focus on direct contact with families to prepare for the Aging Out Process.

CaseAIM has two services that will be under review for the current evaluation: 1) the CaseAIM support team, designed to assist with case management responsibilities; and 2) a specially designed mobile phone application to assist with case manager documentation.

A final report is expected in Fall 2023.


Project Goal

To conduct a mixed methods evaluation of CaseAIM services to answer the following research questions:

  1. do CaseAIM services improve case manager and client outcomes;
  2. are CaseAIM integrated services more effective in promoting case management outcomes than mobile phone application only services; and
  3. how do case managers describe the impact of CaseAIM on their work?

Project Team

Principal Investigator
Lauren Stanley, Ph. D
Postdoctoral Scholar
Florida Institute for Child Welfare
Team Member
Melissa Radey, Ph.D., MSSW, MA
Florida State University
College of Social Work
Team Member
Dina J. Wilke
Florida State University College of Social Work

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