Youth In Care

Senate Bill 80 Project

Ch. 2020-152 of Florida Law (previously Senate Bill 80) mandates a multi-year research and evaluation initiative focused on teens and young adults who are aging out of the foster care system. The Institute is mandated to:


  • evaluate the effectiveness of the state's efforts to assist youth in foster care in developing life skills to become self-sufficient adults
  • describe the current requirements for caregivers, the information and supports they receive, and their level of engagement
  • identify best practices for helping youth in foster care develop life skills
  • specify barriers to foster youth becoming self-sufficient
  • recommend changes to enhance the effectiveness of the state's approach to prepare youth for self-sufficiency
  • include the input of youth currently in and previously in foster care

Permanency Outcomes

  • analyze long- and short-term permanency outcomes
  • identify the patterns regarding the length of time to achieve permanency
  • describe how the types of permanency vary based on the status of the rights of the parents of the children.


Project Goal

To assess Florida’s current approach to developing independent living skills among foster care youth transitioning out of the state’s foster care system.

To analyze permanency outcomes in the state to better understand the trends and identify protective and risk factors for achievement of permanency goals

Project Team

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