Children’s Home Society: CaseAim Evaluation

Child welfare case managers are responsible for handling high caseloads, increasingly more complex and severe cases, and time-consuming administrative tasks. These responsibilities must be accomplished in an environment with limited organizational and community resources. Job stress leads to high staff turnover in the field, which often results in negative outcomes for children, families, and agencies alike. Children’s Home Society of Florida responded to the stated challenges through the application of technology. In collaboration with the Microsoft Corporation, Children’s Home Society developed a new approach to case management through the implementation of CaseAIM, an innovative environmental change model that gives case managers the ability to carry out essential case-related tasks while in the field through a phone or tablet. CaseAIM also utilizes Unified Service Centers staffed 24/7 by veteran case managers who can provide crisis intervention and service level supports such as referrals, workload mapping, and transportation to alleviate the burden it places on frontline staff. Children’s Home Society contracted with the Institute to evaluate CaseAIM Case Management Services both to assess perceptions of the model and its utilization, as well as future studies to assess overall model effectiveness.



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Children’s Home Society: CaseAIM Evaluation

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