Legislatively Mandated Advisory Boards

Critical Incident Rapid Response Team (CIRRT) Advisory Committee

Section 39.2015(11), Florida Statutes, states the Secretary shall appoint an advisory committee made up of experts in child protection and child welfare, including the Statewide Medical Director for Child Protection under the Department of Health, a representative from the Institute, an expert in organizational management, and an attorney with experience in child welfare, to conduct an independent review of investigative reports from the CIRRTs and to make recommendations to improve policies and practices related to child protection and child welfare services. Further, the advisory committee is required to submit a report to DCF each year by October 1.

Results-Oriented Accountability Program (ROAP) Governance Committee

The Results-Oriented Accountability Program (ROAP) was legislatively mandated in § 409.997, Florida Statutes. The statute specifies that DCF, CBC lead agencies, and the lead agencies' subcontractors share the responsibility for achieving the outcome goals specified in § 409.986(2), Florida Statutes. The Institute serves in both advisory and service provision capacities due to its role in conducting research, providing ROAP evaluation services and through support of various initiatives intended to improve the child welfare system. The Director of the Institute is one of the key stakeholders in the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee has the primary responsibility of setting priorities for the use of limited resources for research, evaluation and implementation of interventions. This group in this context focuses only on the operation of the Results-Oriented Accountability Program and is not intended to oversee general DCF child welfare or CBC operations.

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