MaKenna Woods

PhD candidate, MSW
Research Assistant

Ms. Woods is a 24 year old doctoral candidate in the fourth year of her PhD. Her current research involves suicidal veterans and the relationship between severity of mental health symptomatology, cognitive dissonance, and help-seeking behaviors for her dissertation.Throughout her educational pursuits at Florida State University, she has worked with the Florida Institute of Child Welfare on projects collaborating with the Florida Children and Youth Cabinet, The Office of Child Welfare, the Department of Children and Families,and the Florida chapter of the National Association of Social Workers on projects ranging from turnover rates within case management positions to retention and quality of foster homes in the state of Florida. When not conducting research with the Institute, Ms. Woods teaches statistics in the FSU College of Social Work and works a clinical position as a victim advocate for the FSU Dean of Students Department.

Research interests include: Mental health; Veterans; Suicide (intervention, prevention, epidemiology); Child welfare