Florida Guardianship Assistance Program Implementation Evaluation

To fulfill the objectives of § 39.6225 Fla. Stat. Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP) for an implementation evaluation, the Florida Institute for Child Welfare contracted with the University of Florida to complete the evaluation. The statute requires, at a minimum, that the evaluation include:

  1.  “Information about the perspectives and experiences of program participants, individuals who applied for licensure as child-specific foster homes or program participation but were determined to be ineligible, and individuals who were likely eligible for licensure as a child-specific foster home or for the program but declined to apply. The institute shall collect this information through methodologies including, but not limited to, surveys and focus groups.

  2. An assessment of any communications procedures and print and electronic materials developed to publicize the program and recommendations for improving these materials. If possible, individuals with expertise in marketing and communications shall contribute to this assessment.

  3.  An analysis of the program’s impact on caregivers and children, including any differences in impact on children placed with caregivers who were licensed and those who were not. 

  4. Recommendations for maximizing participation by eligible caregivers and improving the support available to kinship caregivers.”

The evaluation compiles data from five surveys and includes respondents who are Department of Children and Families (DCF, Department) regional and Office of Child Welfare (OCW) headquarter staff; child protective investigation staff; case management staff; licensing and program administrative staff, and caregivers. In addition, listening sessions were conducted with Level 1 licensed caregivers and caregivers who had cases close to permanent guardianship while in the GAP.

Published Materials

florida guardianship assistance program implementation evaluation final report

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Principal Investigator:

Martie Gillen, Ph.D.

Project Team:

Morgan Cooley, Ph.D.

Selena Garrison

executive summary

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