Quality Standards for Residential Group Care

The Development and Validation of an Assessment of Quality Standards for Family Residential Group Homes

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Quality Standards Project Summary

In December 2015, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF, Department) engaged the Florida Institute for Child Welfare to develop and validate an assessment tool to measure, document, and facilitate quality services in Florida’s Department licensed residential group homes. The group care quality assessment was designed to measure the extent to which services and conditions in group homes are aligned with the Core Quality Standards (Group Care Quality Standards, 2015). The goal of the quality standards for group care initiative is to ensure children in group homes receive high-quality care and to support a process of continuous quality improvement in group homes across the state. To date, a draft of the assessment tool, designed to be embedded into the Department’s re-licensing process, has been developed and piloted in one region. Using the completed assessment data from a small sample of 10 group homes, preliminary evidence of the reliability of the youth and service provider assessment forms was established. The results of the pilot study supported the feasibility of integrating the assessment into the state’s re-licensure process. A subsequent, larger implementation pilot (i.e., field test) was completed in July 2017.  The purpose of the field test is to evaluate the assessment in two DCF service regions using a larger sample of approximately 40 group homes. Data from the field test will guide further item selection/reduction and will be used to perform additional preliminary tests of reliability and validity. Analysis of the field test data is currently underway.


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Plans for FY 2017-2018 include revising the assessment following the completion of data analysis. The assessment is scheduled to be rolled out statewide beginning in early December 2017. As part of the roll-out, the project team will develop and provide training to licensing teams and providers in all six service regions. A validation study will be initiated in January 2018 and is expected to be completed in March 2019. The study will entail collecting assessment data from the full population of Department licensed group homes throughout the state. The project team will provide on-going data management and technical support throughout full duration of the study. 


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